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These hunters use Thermacell® insect repellent products. They'll tell you it's how they prevent mosquito bites… and how to get rid of black fly and no-see-ums problems, too. Follow their advice and get your Thermacell today.

Michael Waddell

"The Thermacell is about the only thing that helps you hunt comfortably without 30 gallons of bug dope on you..."

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Tiffany Lakosky

"Basically it's very simple, I personally can not stand to be bitten by a mosquito, so If u think there might be bugs I always have a Thermacell ... It's a part of our entire family's everyday life."

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Mike Stroff

"There is nothing more miserable than being on a wilderness hunt with no way to get out of the elements and the bugs are driving you crazy! The Thermacell eliminates all of that..."

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Tim Herald

"I would never dream of bear hunting without a Thermacell...I would choose not to go on those hunts if I had to go without a Thermacell."

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O'Neill Williams

"I found Thermacell at a consumer show in Georgia and thought it was a gimmick. Bought one and found it to be a perfect complement to mosquito infested hunting locations."

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Dave Poteat

“If it wasn’t for Thermacell, there are a pile of spring time and early fall critters that would still be walking, because I simply wouldn’t have been there to lay’em down! In the winter, hunting endurance is spelt “B-o-o-t-s”, in spring and early fall, its spelt “T-h-e-r-m-a-C-e-l-l”!!!!! But don’t take my word for it, this is truly a product that speaks for itself!"

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Tim Anello

"The absolute best thing I can tell you is: If you’ve never used a Thermacell then try one and you’ll use one forever. If you’ve used a Thermacell, I don’t need to say a thing."

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Jamie Satterfield

"In a ground blind ... I started out with bug suit layers and sweating my butt off. Peeled out of those and turned on the Thermacell and never got a bug bite. There is my proof. Never leave home without it!"

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"Outdoors Dan" - Dan Young

"Folks I have been bowhunting for over 28 years and I am blessed to hunt all over the US taping my TV show Outdoors Traditions TV. It does not matter if I am deer hunting in Iowa, or Turkey hunting in Kansas, Bear hunting in MN or just fishing back in MO I always have a Themacell with me!"

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Steve Ecklund

"The only thing that works as good as Thermacell for getting rid of the bugs is -40°C weather."

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Jason Say

“Forget the mosquito head nets, forget the bug proof gloves – Get Yourself A Thermacell! Simply the biggest game changer of our time, and if there are going to be bugs, we don’t go in the woods without it.”

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Jacob Satterfield

"I would never go to Alaska without my Thermacell. Bugs up there will bite through a bulletproof vest."

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