Q: How can I adjust my personal cooling device to fit more tightly or loosely around my neck?
A: Use the spring-loaded arms to adjust the device to fit a wide range of neck sizes.

Q: Should this personal cooling product be worn over or under long hair?
A: The Coolware™ personal cooling system must be worn under long hair for the body cooling sensation to be felt.

Q: The air coming out does not feel cold. Is my Coolware unit not working?
A: If you hear the fan running and feel air moving out, the unit is working. The cooling plates are the part of the device that becomes cool. It is the cooling plates coming into contact with your neck that provides the body cooling sensation.

Q: Only a couple of the cooling port slots are open. Is my unit defective?
A: No, it is not defective. Air will flow out of only two slots located on the motor housing. (The other five “slots” are design elements and are not intended to be open.)

Q: When the water chamber is filled, why does water leak from the air intakes?
A: It is normal for excess water to flow out of the air intakes. That is why the water chambers should be filled over a sink or other water-safe area. Once the excess water is shaken out of the Coolware unit, no additional water spillage will occur.  This happens because there is no reservoir of water in the unit, filling the unit and shaking excess water simply saturates the absorbent material inside.

Q: Why does the fan not operate when I turn the switch to either the Hi or Lo position?
A: This issue is probably the result of using an old battery or installing the battery incorrectly. Use a fresh AA battery and check to make sure it is properly installed.

Q: I am having difficulty opening the battery compartment with my finger. How else can I open it?
A: Use a coin for easier opening of the battery compartment panel.

Q: Why do I not feel a cooling sensation from the unit when the weather is very humid?
A: The Coolware personal cooling system works best in humidity below 70%.